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塑膠射出 模具射出
Established: Feb., 1977 Register No. 22125383
Factory Registered No. 99-633909-00 High Precision Close Circuit High Speed Injection M/C
Business Registered No. 86085011 Procession Equip Feature: 
Factory Scale: 620 Pings 1.ACC Nitrogen Closed Circuit System
2.Injecting Speed 400mm/sec Pressure 3198kg/cm

" Mold Develop "-> " Precision Plastic Injection ", Provide consistent service.
Accept OEM, ODM orders for procession and design.

Business Items:           

1. Precision plastic injection
2. Precision plastic mold production.


1.Precision Plastic Injection Components

OEM/ODM procession for the Plastic Goods of Precision Electric Components, 3C Shells, Home Appliances, Medical Equip, Communication Apparatus, Food, Computer Peripherals, M/C Parts, Auto & Motorcycle Parts & Accessories, & Cosmetics.

The used materials for our plastic injection: ( Plastic Injection Molding)


Nylon  ( PA6, PA66)

PS (Polystyrene) PE (Polyethylene ) PMMA(Acrylic Resin) TPU (PU)
PPS PSU (POM) Polyacetal  Celcon
K(Q) General Plastics Engineering Plastics
Adapt fire-proof grade HB, V0, V1, V2 ignition-resist plastic material.  
Thermal & flexible plastics  
All kinds of additive antistatic, heat, fiberglass GF, Mineral Fiber MF, Impact-resist, Weather-proof, Anti-UV Engineering Plastics.  


Plastic Injection Molding Equipment:  

Precision Closed Circuit High-speed Injection Molding M/C
Vertical, Embedded-type Second Injection Molding M/C


2. Design & Produce for Precision Plastic Die: (Plastic Injection Molding Die)
Mold Develop & Design:
Plastic product design/3D Diagram/Entity Mechanic Engineering Design
Reversed engineering drawings establish.

3. Associated Services:
Our company is the professional manufacturing factory for Plastic Injection Molding and Injection Molds. Besides, we also assist clients to do the works of Plastic Painting, Printing, Connecting by ultrasonic and assemblies.


* OEM/ODM works for the Plastic Injection goods for Precision Electric Components, 3C Shells, Home Appliances, Medical Equip, Communication Apparatus, Computer Peripherals, M/C Parts, Auto & Motorcycle Parts & Accessories, Cosmetics, Food & High-tech.


LON-SO PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, established in 1977, persisted in management concepts of “Excellent Quality, Reasonable Price, Kind Service” to promote products to all over the world. Our company takes the driving force of “active attack” with powerful initiative, so that consumers have absolute confidence in us. In the possession of 600 pings of manufacturing area, complete production and adoption of advanced machinery, from “structural design”, “sample-making”, ”mold-making”, “injection”, “processing” to offer complete sizes, our company can provide the various services for customers' choice.

The plastic materials used in our products are qualified with UL quality control and ROHS standards . From the initial design -> drawing -> mold-making -> sample to mass production, we asked for product precision. Furthermore, we adapted computer auxiliary system to improve the flaws of man-made tasks and promote product quality to satisfy customers' requirements.

With the advantages of several years' experience and professional team work, Lon-So obtained the reputation of on-time delivery and perfect quality from customers. To catch up with the new era impulse and raise technique, except for bringing in the most advanced automated equipment, we even cooperated with academic community to throw into research to grasp key technique firstly and upgrade technical maturity.


1977, established Lon-Ta Factory in Taichung Hsien.
1984, extended the 4 th injecting machine and setup the 4 th production line to begin the production of precision plastic parts.
1986, at the date of May 9, established Li-Lon Plastic Injection Co., Ltd.
1987, sold products to U.S.A. , Europe , Australia …etc., and appointed by large trading companies in Taiwan for export.
1995, moved to new location at Ta Chia (with 600 pings of manufacturing area) and enhanced service quality.
1996, the molding machine added Take-Out-Robot to enhance all the precision plastic molding works and promote automated production.
1997, executed computerized works and simplified the system working procedure to do industry reform aggressively.
2002, increased the capacities of plastic product development and design.
2003, brought in embedded, vertical plastic injection M/C to provide the coating, nail-insert, double-color…second procession works.
2004, extended to 11 th Plastic Injection Production Line.
2005, added 300 ton injection M/C and Take-Out-Robot to assemble with convey belt.
2006, in November, extended to 13 th Precision Injection Molding M/C.
2008, in August, added 14 th Hybrid System Injection Molding M/C (Mold Clamp Force 30-350 ton)


The Owner of Lon-So Plastic Injection Molding Co., Ltd. : Mr. Chu-fa, Hsu

Mr. Hsu, was born in 1951, soon after he finished his military service, he started the works at manufacturing. From the basic employee to the chief of a factory, he has experienced the hardship of basic employees. Occasionally, he established Lon-So Plastic Injection Molding Co., Ltd. All the way, he has worked very diligently, sincerely and aggressively, and his responsive attitude made this company's businesses succeeded.



Lon-so plastic injection molding co.,LTD
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No.66, Lane 26, Chongyi 3rd Rd., Dajia Town, Taichung County 437, Taiwan   LINE加好友-榮紹塑膠射出工廠
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