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Appearance designs, mold making, plastic molds, plastic injection, after-processsing are all available for customers choice.

Company Profile:

Lon-So Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. established in 1977, persisting in management concept of offering excellent quality, reasonable price, and reliable service, has made her products globally popular. Supported with the dynamics of “active attack” and “powerful initiative”, customers with absolute confidence in us have become our main driving power. In the plant area of 55,180 square feet, equipped with advanced machinery, experienced, and enthusiastic professionals, we provide complete production services from structural designs, sample making, mold testing, injection, processing through full sizes of products guaranteed to meet customers satisfaction. The plastic materials used in the products conform to UL quality control and ROHS standards. And from the initial design to drawing, mold making, sample approved through mass production, we pay absolute attention to product precision. Furthermore, we adopt computer auxiliary system to improve the flaws out of manual work to refine quality to meet clients satisfaction in custom-made products. With the experience and expertise of over forty years in the field, Lon-So enjoys the reputation of punctual delivery, and excellent quality control. To follow the trend in the new era, we keep up with the high-tech impulse, bring in most advanced automated equipment, and cooperate with academia for better tomorrows.


Product Application:

OEM/ODM works for the plastic injection goods for precision electronic components, 3C shells, home appliances, medical equipment, communication apparatus, computer peripherals, M/C parts, auto& motorcycle parts & accessories, cosmetics, food& high tech among others.




Owner’s Profile

The owner of Lon-So Plastic Injection Molding Co., Ltd. : Mr. Chu-fa Hsu Mr. Hsu, born in 1951, started his career as an entry level worker no sooner than he finished his military service. Through the hardship of a basic employee, he accumulated his experience and strength and occasionally established Lon-So Plastic Injection Molding Co., Ltd. of his own in 1977, based on his being earnest, honest, active, and responsible. In the past years, he has been working diligently, sincerely, and aggressively. His responsive attitude results in the success of the company with promising tomorrows.

Company Chronicle

  • 1977, Lon-Ta Factory established in Taichung County
  • 1984, began the production of precision plastic parts with the extended 4th injection machine and the 4th production line.
  • 1986, on May 9, Li-Lon Plastic Injection Co., Ltd. established
  • 1987, products sold to USA, Europe, Australia, among others, listed as a supplier to large trading companies for exports
  • 1995, moved to Ta Chia Township, with 215,00 square feet of plant to enhance service quality
  • 1996, the molding machine equipped with take-out-robot to enhance precision plastic molding works and to promote automated production
  • 1997, implemented computerization to simplify the working procedure for industry reform
  • 2002, increased capacity of plastic products development and design
  • 2003, purchased embedded, vertical plastic injection M/C for the coating, nail-insert, double-color…second processing works.
  • 2004, extended to 11th plastic injection production line.
  • 2005, the 300-ton injection M/C added, coming with take-out-robot to cooperate with convey belt.
  • 2006, in November extended to 13th precision injection molding M/C
  • 2008, in August, the 14th hybrid system injection molding M/C added (mold clamp force 30-350 tons).
  • 2010, in February: Extension of newly 2nd plant (16,020 square feet) for better productivity.
  • 2011, in May: To increase VS-250 to 25th set of servo precision injection molding machine (clamping force 30-550 ton)
  • 2012, in June: Honorably received MIT golden steering wheel award—customer service gold award – Gold product award for excellent product in Taiwan.
  • 2013, in March: CAE introduced into mature period effectively assisting designing and making processes.
  • 2014, in September: Increased HC-250SE up to 28th set of servo precision injection molding machine.
  • 2014, in October: Plastic injection plant established approved with number B-122125383-00000-5.
  • 2016, in October: The second plastic injection molding department established and the 30th set of servo precision injection molding machine was added up.


Our office


Enviornment and equipments:

  • Established: February 1997.
  • Register No: 22125383 Regiatration number: 22125383
  • Plant registration number: 99-633909-00
  • Business registration certificate: 86085-11 Taichung
  • Plant 1: 21,360 square feet
  • 16020 square feet
  • Plant 3: 17,800 square feet
  • Total: 55,180 square feet
  • Experience: 41 years
  • Productive force: 24 hours; 3 shifts
  • Workers: 98

We cover: plastic injection mold making, plastic injection forming products and processing- ISO 9001-2015 globally certified.

Precise plastic injection parts

OEM/ODM processing, precise parts, food package, medical equipment, LED, plastic gears, plastic housing, photoelectric electric appliances, communication equipment, machinery parts…

Designing and making steel plastic molds

We design and make: steel molds for plastic injection : plastic product designs/3D drawing/entity engineering designs/reverse engineering drawing ...

Processing items

In addition to plastic injection forming products and mold making, we also offer services in fields of painting, electroplating, pad printing, and assembly.

Plastic Injection Dept

Equipment of injection processing: injection speed: 600 mm/sec (thinnest 0.4mm) Machine accuracy: MOOG close loop/high accuracy injection pressure 3958kg/cm2 Machine features: hybrid electric/high speed high pressure/Acc.

  • Plastic production: automated removal
  • plastic production: take-out horizontally STM
  • Forming Dept (dehumidifying dryer)
  • Precise plastic housing production
  • Electronic parts
  • Precise plastic engineering parts

Plastic injection mold Dept

The 30+ years of experience in the field of mold making, and the certified quality of ISO 9001 2008 ensure that molds we make with the help of working machines and measuring equipment are absolutely reliable. Two-plate molds, three-plate molds, and hot runner molds are rightly available here.

  • Plastic Mold Making Dept: 5 sets of vertical lathes
  • Mold Dept: 3 sets of electric discharge machines, 1 set of surface grinder, 1 set of lathe.
  • Plastic Mold Making Dept:
  • Plastic Mold making Dept: --fitter
  • Plastic Mold Making Dept: CNC lathe processing
  • Plastic Mold Making Dept: mold flow deformation review

Inspection Dept

From R&D through processing, the production process is strictly controlled by professionals from independent QC management office to ensure stable and quality products.

  • Inspection equipment: +-0.001mm QI equipment: uncontacted 2.5 D image CMM
  • QI equipment: limit styles for QC
  • QI equipment: plastic material analyzer-gravimeter+-0.001
  • 12.5mm +-0.01mm QI equipment: low measure for flatness
  • 7X~45XQI equipment: 3D microscope7x45xQI
  • 20X-40XQI equipment:2D microscope

R&D Department

Mass production for customers: Integrated operation from 2D and 3D drawing, to reverse engineering to mold making, to mold flow analysis, to mold development, and to precise plastic injection of parts., we save customers development time and money with our consistent spirit of services.

  • Reverse engineering
  • product design
  • institutional design
  • appearance design
  • CNC mold making
  • mold material area

Material Department

We care about the location of warehouse and the space is divided into areas for the finished, semi-finished , materials, molds, to be inspected, bulk, the whole flat divided areas, and bulk material area.

  • Whrehouse for shipment, products inspected to be shipped: Plant 2, 4F
  • Semi finished warehouse
  • Finished products/bulks: Plant 2, 3F
  • Finished products in bulks: Plant 2, 3F
  • Material warehouse: Plant 2, 2F
  • Material warehouse: First in first out, Plant 2, 2F

Mold Flow Analysis

The mold flow analysis helps evaluate, and review mold designs, to meet customers’ requirements as it also detects potential problems.

  • bubblers condition
  • suture position
  • suture combined temperature
  • simulation result of filling process
  • volume shrinkage distribution
  • melring zone

End customer group

    食品塑膠射出代工終端客戶-榮紹精密塑膠射出成型廠   塑膠射出代工終端客戶-榮紹精密塑膠射出成型廠   機械塑膠射出代工終端客戶-榮紹精密塑膠射出成型廠   汽車塑膠射出代工終端客戶-榮紹精密塑膠射出成型廠   3C塑膠射出代工終端客戶-榮紹精密塑膠射出成型廠   汽車塑膠射出代工終端客戶-榮紹精密塑膠射出成型廠       晶圓塑膠射出代工終端客戶-榮紹精密塑膠射出成型廠   晶圓塑膠射出代工終端客戶-榮紹精密塑膠射出成型廠   運動用品塑膠射出代工終端客戶-榮紹精密塑膠射出成型廠 運動用品塑膠射出代工終端客戶-榮紹精密塑膠射出成型廠   運動用品塑膠射出代工終端客戶-榮紹精密塑膠射出成型廠   3C塑膠射出代工終端客戶-榮紹精密塑膠射出成型廠   塑膠射出代工終端客戶-榮紹精密塑膠射出成型廠

Having been in the field for over 41 years, we meet requirements of customers offering quality products. OEM/ODM orders are more than welcome.

Please contaclt us directly for quality service as we are always pleased to do our best to help you to help us