Antistatic Level / Static Dissipation / Static Conduction Level

Antistatic may cover three levels:

Basic antistatic level

(surface electric resistance):10 +9 ~ 10 +12 ohm。

Antistatic (static dissipation)

(surface electric resistance):10 +6 ~ 10 +9 ohm。

Static conduction level

(surface electric resistance):10 +4 ~ 10 +6 ohm。

Q1:Why do we need antistatic (static dissipation) levels?

People walk with friction produce static and the accumulation of which will result in person’s electric shock, even causing errors or damages of presion equipments. Major reasons are as below: In most public indoor spaces like modernized offices, government institutes equipped with central air conditioning systems, in which air becomes dry out of day long air conditioning that produces static naturally hard to be dissipated. Indoor computers prevail in modern society, and static control requirement becomes stricter. What antistatic level approved in the past like electrical resistance value 109-10 12 ohm does not meet new standards anymore. Thus static control level should be upgraded to 106-109 ohm.

Q2.Why do we need static conduction level?

High presion rooms like wafer production line, operation ward, ammunition depots do not allow static, need static conduction ground materials to release static to avoid disasters. During operation, surgeons monitor index of precision instruments; if the instrument does not read concisely out of static interference, doctors may make misjudgements that endanger the patients; besides, static may cause explosions in ammunition depots.

Antistatic level (static dissipation)

Offices, schools, libraries, museums, hospitals, wards, daycare centers, public indoor rooms, factory offices, processing plants

Static Conduction Level

Conductive flooring:operaion wards, ammunition depots, IC precision rooms.

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