Coefficient of thermal expansion

When material temperature goes up one degree C, the percentage of its volume change is called thecoefficient of thermal expansion. Generally volume of a material increases as temperature goes up, thus coefficient of thermal expansion of a material is a positive value. Sometimes coefficient of linear thermal expansion means the percentage of length change as temperature increases one degree C. However, as density of water is highest when it is 4 degrees C, however, it is exceptional that volume of the material decreases when temperature goes up from 0 through 4 degrees Centigrade.

material thermal expansion coefficient
(10-5cm/cm/ ℃ )
LCP/GF 0.6
Glass 0.7
Steel 1.1
concrete 1.4
Copper 1.6
Brass 1.8
aluminum 2.2
PEI/GF 2.3
NY/GF 2.3
PBT/GF 2.5
PC/GF 2.0-4.0
ABS/GF 3.1
PP/GF 3.2
PPS 3.6
POM/GF 4.0
PS 5.4
PC 6.5
PMMA 6.8
ABS 7.2
PA 8.1
POM 8.5
PBT 8.6
PP 12.1
PE 13-17

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