Comparison Chart of Physical Property between PA6 and PA66

Item Unit PA6 PA66
density g / cm 3 1.10 1.15
melting point 215~225 255~265
balanced water content 23℃, R.H.65% 3.5 2.5
strength MPa 74 76
elongation rate % 170 70
elongation modulus GPa 2.6 2.9
Izodimpact strength J/m 59 39
bending strength MPa 108 108
bending elastic modulus GPa 2.5 2.8
antigrease   even even
chemicals   even even
electrical insulation   even even
rigidity     win
toughness     win
wear resistant     win
thermal resistant     win
fatigue resistant     win
mechanical strength     win
softness   win  
impact resistant   win  
process   win  
Dye   win  
finished surface   win  
Price   win  
Item unit PA6 PA66

Nylon is polyamide (abbrivated as PA), a condensation type of polymer coming with (-CONH-), that is mostly available in PA6 and PA66., in addutio to PA12, PA11, PA46, PA610, PA 612 demanded fewer in the market, number of which indicates number of carbon atoms in material monomer. The above-mentioned polymer materials are collectively called as nylon engineering plastics.


The unique property of PA is in its advantageous properties of mechanical strength, including toughness, antigrease, self-lubricating, and small coefficient of friction, while having disadvanteges of large humidity absorption that affects size stability. Though PA6 and PA66 are similar in structure, physical property differs significantly, as thermal resistance of PA66 is 50 degrees higher higher than that of PA6.


The advantageous properties of thermal resistance, grease resistance, mechanical strength of PA6 and of PA66 are the main reasons for their being applied to auto parts. In addition, through procedure of added with modifiers of inorganic matter, and glass fiber, they may be endowed with high folding property or suitable for treatments after plating or painting.


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