Use Limit of PC on Food

(Bisphenol A, BPA)

P1. What is bisphenol A/BPA

The toxic chemical in environments, BPA , also known as bisphenol A, is a kind of chemical raw material. As the structure of BPA is similar to that of estrogen, it is viewd as a disruptor of hormone or endocrine, one of EDCs.


P2. What is the usage of BPA in food containers

BPA is often used as a material of PC.


P3. Why does BPA often appear in food?

Food containers coming with BPA if scratched or worn out of improper uses, will release BPA when reheated with high temperature, or treated with high acid/alkali, alcohol, micro wave, stong detergent. The BPA released would enter human bodies with drinks or food taken.


P4. What Does BPA Affect Human Health?

BPA disrupts human hormone, making its confusion of functions and affects reproduction and development.


P5. What is the current BPA management condition in the country

In the past, Plastic materialof milking bottles (especially made of PC) would release certain amount of BPA if not used properly., and babies suffer more serious risks than adults from it. To guarantee safety of infants, our country has amended “Sanitary standards of food containers and packing” completely forbidding sales of baby milking bottles coming with BPA. According to article 5 of thestandards, milking bottles are forbidden to use plastic materials with BPA; and that PC devices, containers or packing must conform to the regulation of article 6 (except BPA milking bottles): Under 0.6 ppm(footnote1)

Footnote1: test condition water, 95degrees C, 30 minutes, 4% vinegar: 60 degrees C, 30 minutes


P6. How do we prevent or decrease taking BPA from containers?

To pay attention to the following matters to have least risks:
(1) Do not use plastic containers after their being long time heating or exposure to sunshine.
(2) When scratches, matte, or deformation is found, replace it immediately.


P7.What is the substitute of the materials?

1. 1. Fully transparent materials such as PA, PPSU, PCTG, contain no BPA, though they differ in heat resistance.
2. 2. The PC containers available in markets definitely contain BPA, though differing in content percentage.

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