Use Limit of PVC on Food

Platicizer-DRHP-(phthalic /dimethal /ester salt)

Among the five most popular plastics of PE, PVC, PP, PS, ABS, only PVC contains ammonia. That allows the addition of DEPH to change its softness. PVC without plastizer is as hard as water pipe, and PVC with plastize is as soft as plastic wrap. Thus, the softness makes PVC available in soft and hard types. Such being the case, the property decrease production technique threshold and cost in terminal p[roducts, allowing maker to conveniently produce products varying in softness.


Besides politicizer, thermal stability of PVC is weak. To avoid PVC products crack under sunshine or high rtemperature, adding stabilizer such as lead, cadmium, or zinc is a must. Thus, PVC is not simply PVC, it contains plastizer or stabilizer that is harmful to environment and people’s health; while PVC without any additive is nontoxic but useless.


Plastizer is applied to make plastic products soft, easy to bend, though not allowed to add to foods, PVC food package produces relative bisk risks to our health, such as PVC bottles for salad oil, plastic wrap for food packing, even plastic gloves used to prepare boxed lunch, some DEHP may exudate into foods, though it is also allowed to make daily products luike nail polish, milk bottle, plastic bags, blood donation bags, wire overlay, and various plasticware items. In our daily life, we may contact more or less trace of plastizer.

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