Plastic Injection Mould Department

To assist in design evaluation, mode reviews and quality control through Molds analysis

Evaluation Process: To meet customers requirements of products, we adopt Molds analysis to evaluate potential problems in products by visualization.

※ (Case 1) Product name: Base—Material: PP+30%GF

Significant and serious hysteresis happened out of meat thick design, which resulted in appearance problems of air trap (Figure 1) and suture (Figures2/3).

Figure 1: Air Trap/bubblers

Figure2 :Bond line position

Figure3 Suture Bonding Temperature度

Through mold flow analysis we simulate plastic flow in mold cavity (Figure4) and thus to judge if plastic material causes problems out of thickness and structure designs.

Figure4 Simulation result of filling process

Conversion of plastics from liquid to solid state will result in uneven distribution out of thickness and pressure. Through Molds analysis, we may be aware of the eneven shrinkage (Figure 5) and the melting area unable to be ejected (Figure 6).

Figure5 Distribution of volume concraction rate

Figure6 Melting area

Figure 7 Dwell pressure distribution

According to current estimated condition, products deformation trend prediction (Figure 10), results based on which may be reference for pre-correction (deformation is 5-time amplified under such deformation for easy interpretation)

Figure8 Thermal deformation result

Figure9 Glass fiber alignment deformation result

Figure10 Total deformation result

In cooling analysis, under current waterway and product designs, temperature distribution in molds may further be a basis for correct water figuration.

Figure11 Temperature distribution in a mold

Figure12 Heat accumulation position

Figure13 Distribution of plastic temperature

Pressure curve obtained from result for filling process shown as (Figure14), based on which pressure value the machine needs for one of judgement references.

Figure14 Filling pressure curve

Figure15 clamping force curve

Figure16 Material information analysis

According the above analysis process, we offer offer mode flow analysis to help customers to predict possible problems when they make molds such as air trap, hysteresis, filling pressure too large, deformationexcessive deformation, and so on, allowing designers locate best product designs and material selection in advance, decreasing times of mold trials and mold repairs, ensuring development time course, product quality ane delivery date.

Flow analysis of Plastic injection

Plastic shrinkage variant

Flow analysis of plastic injection

Shrinkage deformation of plastics


Molds analysis


Filling mode


Welding line


Pressure distribution


※ (Mold flow company exclusive interview)--Using well visualization of Molds analysis, Lon-So precisely predicts defects of products

Customer: Lon-So Plastic Injection Molding Co., Ltd. Industry: Precision Plastic injection Country: Taiwan

Established in 1977 Lon-So Company( upholding the management spirit of quality first, price reasonable, and service friendly, has been successfully distributing her products all over the world. In spacious plants of over 3500 square feet, 27 advanced imported machine tools providing integrated services necessary ranging from appearance designs, draft drawing, mold making, plastic injection, through processing, for best choices of customers. Years of manufacturing experiences in the field and expertise of the professionals strive together to achieve Punctual shipment and Excellent in quality win the company priceless reputation.(source: Lon-So)


The storage cover of a car stereo, a piece of combined appearance, is strictly quality required of that needs to avoid appearing any obvious welding lines or shrink marks.


Under the solution of Molds analysis, Lon-So always successsfuly achieves in udentifying the shrink mark area, and proceeds to have product verification and design optimization in advance, effectively decreasing trial errors, and which not only helps promote quality improvements, but also benefits machine tool selection and capacity planning.

Actual Case

In early product mold developing stage, protential design defects are usually difficult to be located, especially those of appearance products in terms of sutures and shrink marks. Such being the case, molds needed countless modifications. Lon-So tried to complete appearance evaluation before starting mold making through precise simulation analysis capacity and prepare visualization results to discuss with customers about product designs.

Molds analysis not only enables us to assist customers detect in advance failure factors in development of molds,but also offers suggestions for design changes, successfully shortening product development cycles. Such differentiated services become our core competition- General Manager Xu zhi hong, Lon-So

Finding the meat in back rib area a bit thinner of the product before developing the mold through simulation of Molds analysis, as it appeared flow lag/hysteresis that would produce larger injection pressure resulting in partial short injection, the phenomenon was later confirmed with the first production output

As the product needs assembly after injection, several notches in the back rib area.Besides, through precise predict analysis we could find the fact that thicker design in the main mechanism position resulted in continuous shrinkage that produced obvious shrink marks. Locating the design defects in advance, we thus optimized product designs.

Through visualization reports, Lon-So sufficiently communicates with customers before developing molds for production, locating defects and offering modification suggestions not only helps customers solve problems in designs, but also decrease their time and costs for punctual shipments that greatly upgrade competition of theirs and ours.

Having been in the field for over 41 years, we meet requirements of customers offering quality products. OEM/ODM orders are more than welcome.

Please contact us directly for quality service as we are always pleased to do our best to help you