Quality inspection certificate

Products-Quality management, incoming quality control—MIL-STD-105 Production line operator quality control, 100% inspection, Professional quality control personnel sampling, and out-going quality control—MIL-STD-105

Lon-So keeps strengthening production equipments, adopting most advanced machines, not only ensures product quality but also take care of tatal outputs, and which guarantee our punctual shipments, without ant delay in delivery. All production process from R&D of products through shipments is strictly controlled by experienced professional, in addition to the independent quality control room for best stable and quality products.

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UL card

Profit Business registration Certificate

Profit Business registration Certificate


Factory Registration Certificate(since 1977)

Certificate of Incorporation


Profit Business Registration—Business Information

  • C805050 Industrial plastic products manufacturing industry
  • C805990 Other plastic products manufacturing industry
  • C805030 Plastic daily necessities industry
  • C805070 Reinforced plastic products manufacturer
  • CQ01010 Mold Manufacturing Industry
  • CC01110 Computer and Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing Industry
  • CC01080 Electrnic components Manufacturing Industry
  • CC01070 Wireless Communication Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Industry
  • CD01030 Automobiles and Parts Manufacturing Industry
  • ZZ99999 In Addition to Licensed Business, Unprohibited or unlimited business is also allowed.

MOEA─Company Basic Data

  • Government Uniform Invoice Number: 22125383
  • Company Condition: Approved
  • Company Name: Lon-So Plastic Injection Company, Ltd.
  • Owner: Zhu-Fa Xu
  • Location: 66, Lane 26, Chungyi 3rd Road, Yihe Li, Dajia District, Taichung City
  • Registration Authority: Central Taiwan Office, MOE
  • Establishment Approved Date: May 9, 1986
  • Final Approved Change Date: December 12, 2006


Having been in the field for over 41 years, we meet requirements of customers offering quality products. OEM/ODM orders are more than welcome.

Please contact us directly for quality service as we are always pleased to do our best to help you