QC Department

Products-Quality management, incoming quality control—MIL-STD-105 Production line operator quality control, 100% inspection, Professional quality control personnel sampling, and out-going quality control—MIL-STD-105

Lon-So keeps strengthening production equipments, adopting most advanced machines, not only ensures product quality but also take care of tatal outputs, and which guarantee our punctual shipments, without ant delay in delivery. All production process from R&D of products through shipments is strictly controlled by experienced professional, in addition to the independent quality control room for best stable and quality products.

International Quality International Quality


Quality inspection equipment- depth gauge, 150mm+-0.01mm measuring tool to measure size of depth

Quality inspection equipment— thick gauge, measuring tool, specifically measure gap size of 0.03-1mm

Quality inspection equipment—thread gauge 0.25-6mm, measuring tool, used to measure pitch/depth of thread

Quality inspection equipment-R gauge 0.4mm-7mm, measuring tool, used to measure sizes of R round angle

Quality inspectionequipment—electronic Vernier caliper +-0.01 measuring tool, used to measure diameter, depth inside the holes.

Quality inspection equipment—electronic micrometer +-0.001mm, used to measure more precise the sizes of single outer diameter, depth, etc.

Quality inspection equipment—torue screwdriver, 3-30kg, to measure kg numbers in holes of plastic products

Quality inspection equipment—inner diameter centimeter+-0.01mm, to measure more precise size of single inner diameter.

Quality inspection equipment—outer diameter centimeter+_0.001mm, to measuremore precise sizes of single outer diameterand depth

Quality inspection equipment—thick gauge+-0.01mm, to measure more precise sizes of single thickness, and depth

Quality inspection equipment-hardness tester SHORE-D, to detect hardness of thermal elastomer(TPE) plastic products as per requirement s of customers.

Quality inspection room—approval sample customers sign the confirmation samples for inspection basis of inspectors


Quality Inspection Equipment—West German Precise Plug Gauge/Precise Block Gauge

We have various precise inspection instruments such as 2.5D coordinate measuring instrument, inner (and outer) diameter centimeter, outer diameter centimeter, electronic measuring platform standard block gauge, torque wrench, granite surface plate, cylinder gauge, plug gauge, hardness tester, and electronic vernier caliper among others that enanle us to meet the goal of monitoring quality and maintaining stability in operation.




Inspection room


Quality Inspection Equipment

  • Thermometer (+- 1 degree)
  • Hardness tester(A)
  • Vernier caliper (+-1um)
  • Level
  • Quality inspection record
  • Granite surface plate
  • Inner(and outer) diameter centimeter

Quality inspection equipment

  • Electronic Vernier caliper (+-1um(o.o1mm)
  • Mold thermometer +- 1 degree
  • Thickness gauge +-1um(0.01mm)
  • Cylinder gauge
  • Altimeter
  • Precision block gauge/plug gauge
  • Tensile test machine

Color Matching Equipment

  • gloss tester
  • color difference meter
  • Light source Box
  • standard color card
  • electronic weigher (+-0.2g)

Quality Abnormal Analysis—Plastic Injection Parts


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